Designs and Templates
Some samples of previous designs and templates used.   large product photo

These are samples of templates and designs that I currently use, however, I can make any knife to the specifications that you require. I quite enjoy working collaboratively with customers to design and create a unique knife to meet their needs.

Typically, all my handles are made from Pakawood, however, for an additional charge I can make handles from Stabilized Local Birch and Willow.

The steel I generally use is ATS-34 Stainless, also available for an additional cost is:

  • Dama Steel (stainless Damascus made in Sweden)
  • D2 Tool Steel
  • 440-C Stainless
  • High Carbon Damascus
  • S30V
  • CPM154

Another option available is to have your knife stenciled or engraved with either text or images, as well as, cases to be made to fit your custom made knife.

Finally if wanted I will make knife sets with serial numbers that are in sequence.