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Welcome to Opasquia Custom Knives

My name is Syd McKay and I reside in The Pas, Manitoba where my shop is located on the shore of Clearwater Lake. Everyday I wake, I walk into my shop and start my day overlooking the calmness of the lake and begin my hobby, making custom knives.

I began making custom knives because I couldn't find a hunting knife that I liked, so I decided to make my own. Over the last 14 years I have perfected my craft, and my hobby has become more of a business and a way of life. I now attend several trade shows throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan, I enjoy meeting other hobbyists and knife enthusiasts. My knives can be found all across Canada, US, and Australia as my customers have realized the value and the beauty my knives possess. Whether you buy them to be used or just for display, you will be buying a wonderfully handcrafted custom knife. Although, I have several patterns, every knife is unique with different handles, metals, and general design. You and I can work together to make the perfect knife to meet all your needs such as practicality, texture, shape, blade length and width, handle size and style, and appearance.

I am involved with the creation of your knife from beginning to end. Some knife makers send their knives aways to be tempered elsewhere, as I do that myself. This ensures that I have had complete quality control from the beginning to the end. I do not outsource any part of the knife making process.

Please take the time to view my template gallery, my photo gallery, and sign my guestbook. I always enjoy hearing from future, present and past customers and their feedback.